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We were made for these times.

Let's circle as a council of women and sisters of every tribe to collectively build communities on Sacred Ground. 

Let's come alive as we discover 

a new world of 

community building together.

"Dont ask what the world needs, find out what makes you come alive and go do that. 

Because what the world needs are people who have come alive."

-Harold Whitman

The Prayers of the Mothers are coming alive through us.  

Let's unite as women to envision a world of peace and plenty together. 

Let's Stand as One on Sacred Ground.  Join us.

Wayfinding Wisdom Councils

During our Women's Retreats we meet in Wisdom Council with Wayfinders from many tribes. We perform sacred ceremony.  We dream and seek visions for the future. We celebrate women empowerment individually and collectively through meditation, storytelling and remembering.

Right now, we are at an auspicious moment in history where leadership for women is being called forth to heal our communities and the world. Join us in the stillness and beauty of Nature as we weave the arts of Ancient and Modern leadership together to allow your vision for your personal Leadership to Come Alive.   

2-Day Wisdom Councils meet quarterly at the New Moon.

Vision Questing for the New World that is Emerging

Join us for a 3 day experience of deep meditation

 and vision questing in the wilderness.

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Sacred Ground: Women Coming Alive in the Wild


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